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Secured Loans


Our Whole of Market Lender Panel with plans available for your Prime - Adverse/Self-Cert applications - loans from £7,500 - £250,000 (more on referral)


We offer a comprehensive range of products allowing us to place:

  • Prime - Heavy Adverse / Self-cert applications
  • No upfront fees (we pay all processing costs)
  • Prime employed up to 95% LTV
  • Self Employed with accounts up to 95% LTV
  • Emp / Self-Emp Self Cert any adverse up to 65% LTV
  • Fixed rate / deferred / interest only / discounted products available
  • If you have limited proof of income, we may still be able to offer you a secured loan
  • A Secured Loan can be used for any reason – Buy a car, holiday, repay debts, improve your property, pay a tax bill, or invest in a business
  • Current processing time - 17 working days from the time we receive first items


A secured loan is a 2nd, or subsequent charge, designed for homeowners enabling the equity in their property to be used as security. Funds can be used for most purposes and there are NO ‘up-front’ fees to find. A secured loan can offer an additional solution when considering the most appropriate route (‘best advice’) for your clients.

Please see our When to consider a Secured Loan sheet.



The CCA states that you require a written “invitation to call” if you want to visit an applicant in their home to discuss a secured loan.

Once you confirm that your applicant(s) would like to proceed the following procedure takes place:

DAY ONE - Send the applicants documentation including a Borrower Information Guide and “consideration” copies of the proposed Credit Agreement, allowing the applicants to read the documents carefully and consider the terms and conditions of the loan properly.

DAY EIGHT - Send out the “signables” copy of the Credit Agreement.

DAY SEVENTEEN - The consideration period ends on either day 17 or when the signed Credit Agreement (whichever is sooner) is received.

Important note

During the “consideration” period neither the lender, packager nor Introducer is allowed to initiate contact with the applicant. The applicant can however, contact any party if they have any queries about the proposed loan.

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